SpheriSomes® are produced by the self-assembly of naturally occurring bis-carboxy fatty acids in water.  The micro-particles formed are invisible to the human eye and are typically only 3% of the diameter of a human hair.  We use these micro-particles to encapsulate a range of cosmetic ingredients.

Our favoured basic ingredients use the fatty acid Brassylic acid, which as the name suggests is derived from the Brassicas; combined with poly-epsilon-lysine, a natural antimicrobial peptide.  Both components have multiple applications and are manufactured on a multi-ton scale from renewable resources.

The SpheriSome® micro-particles formed by a combination of these ingredients can themselves be used to encapsulate other beneficial ingredients.  For example, vitamin B3, also known as niacin amide, a common ingredient in cosmetics can be captured and released onto the skin in a prolonged and controlled manner.